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The Manufacturer

The Problem
A Midwestern manufacturing facility was frustrated with rising energy costs and an unreliable supply of electricity. Given their location they did not have a significant amount of land available for the installation of a large photovoltaic (PV) solar system on the ground. Lastly, concerned about the potential for a future reduction of major Federal and State tax incentives for PV solar energy installations they wanted to act now.

The Solution
The answer was a ballasted, roof-mount racking system that did not penetrate the roof structure in any way. They also installed microinverters to increase energy production knowing that parts of the roof could be shaded throughout the day.

The Outcome
They were able to turn their roof into a performing asset that would curb the rising cost of energy, provide a reliable daily source of energy, and take advantage of tax credits that reduced the project ROI to under 8 years. After the project is paid for the manufacturing facility was excited and looking forward to 17-years of free power. A savings of more than $50,000 in energy costs.

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