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Thompson Palletizing Robot

Robotic Palletizing

Thompson designed palletizing robot solutions that offer a wide range of benefits for packaging operations. Traditionally manual tasks like palletizing can be automated to mitigate the physical injuries of heavy lifting and awkward movements of employees that conduct repetitive tasks. Many related processes can be automated such as palletizing, case packing, pallet dispensing, and depalletizing.

Thompson Palletizing Robot

Industrial Robots

Industrial robots, when accompanied by a well-integrated vision system and conveyor system, can accurately pick and place the product at very fast rates and increase your overall production throughput. The Thompson team can help you identify the right solution for your need to jump-start your production efficiency projects.

Thompson Palletizing Robot

Collaborative Robots

A collaborative robot, also known as a cobot, is a robot that is capable of learning multiple tasks so it can assist human beings with fine detail and repetitive work. Thompson knows that once seemed like a far-off idea is here now. To remain competitive and deliver the freshest produce, food and beverage manufacturers should consider adopting cobots in their production lines.


Assembly and Testing


Misconception: Robots replace humans - robots can alleviate issues of repetitive work, hard to fill positions, consistency for shift work, but robots still need humans to maintain and monitor the robots, collaborative robots work alongside humans in a collaborative effort

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