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Health & Safety Services

Thompson can help with your Health and Safety Technology Services needs by:

Standalone or mounted thermal temperature stations

  • Scan temperatures, detect face masks and can tie into access control systems
  • Providing non-contact methods for health and safety screening
  • Temperature accuracy is ± 0.9°F
  • A warning provides notification to individual and attendant to obtain further information before entering the facility
  • Ability to filter people through quickly
  • Range of 1-6 feet
  • Easy setup and portable design
  • Integration with third-party products

Avigilons Control Center is an advanced, AI-enabled video management software it allows:

  • Continuous monitoring of social distancing
  • Facial/mask recognition with notification alerts
  • Thermal temperature scanning with notification alerts
  • It can detect highly congested areas and send an alert to allow for mitigation
  • Allow for less in-person contact to reduce the spread
  • Allow for faster building entry process
  • Occupancy counting

Avigilons Access Control Manager is an access control system to help higher education through:

  • The ACM™ system seamlessly integrates with
    Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software
  • Identifying individuals that might be contagious and having access to data on doors and locations that could now be contaminated
  • Create a powerful case detailing the chain-of-events associated with the infected individual’s whereabouts
  • Appearance Search empowers operators to continue the search for the infected individual by seamlessly transitioning from one campus to the next campus

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Thompson came in and completed their job without any issues. It was flawless. Thank you!
― Briar Cliff University